26 May 2014

Is it the right time to Invest?

There is a lot of uneasiness in the trading community about the bull run. Investors are skeptical about putting in capital at this stage as they fear they might get in at the TOP and the market will correct from here. Technically, though the rally cannot last one sided for eternity, but this doesn't mean that we will see a major correction from here. Throughout the past 1 year we have been cautiously bullish, meaning we didn't expect a major correction, nor did we expect this blockbuster rally. For the investors, a correction or a range bound market from here will provide an opportunity to get into stocks with strong fundamentals, good management at cheap valuations. In the coming months, we will see the non pharma, non fmcg stocks gain momentum. Banks will continue to be part of the Indian growth story. The political scenario in terms of the market is not a 25%-30% gain case, we are looking at a market where we can double or triple our investments. The opportunities are more than the capital that can be allocated hence, one should invest as per his/her style. Whats an ideal investment for a 25 year old may not be ideal for a retired 60 year old investor. Younger people will want to be aggressive in their  picks and older one's will want to diversify portfolio to include few defensives. As the market changes, what was in fashion yesterday won't be in fashion tomorrow. Saying this, we again maintain that it is the ideal time to invest into stocks and sectors like power, infra, capital goods, banks, metal, etc. We shall keep helping you, provided you keep reading our blog and LIKE our facebook page to keep getting stock picks.

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