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8 October 2013

Aurobindo and Nifty: The Correlation

We have come across an interesting pattern and relation between Aurobindo Pharma and Nifty. Aurobindo Pharma seems to be roughly a few trading sessions ahead of Nifty! The charts look similar and have the similar characteristics. The target as per this trend is:  A NEW HIGH!
Aurobindo Pharma and NIFTY
1. Look at the semi-circular move.
2. Point A shows that Aurobindo had predicted a bottom ahead of NIFTY.
3. Look at the falling trendline range, even that is in tune. The movements in Aurobindo are ahead of NIFTY.
4. Look at the major bottomg B and it's structure! Similar in nature for both.
5. Even the Gap's appear to be in sync.

Future Movement:
Aurobindo Pharma has broken the falling trendline resistance and has started moving to highs after a long time. If the charts fall in sync again this time, the NIFTY index is set for new highs! And the rally is set to be continuous and powerful!
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