DalalStreetBulls currently has one smallcase - All Weather ETF Portfolio. Our smallcases are priced low to make it accessible to all investors.

6 Months - Rs 1,999
12 Months - Rs 3,499

Link to our ETF portfolio: DalalStreetBulls All Weather ETF Portfolio Smallcase

ETF stands for Exchange Traded Fund. Our ETF portfolio is an all-weather ETF based portfolio which invests in domestic and international equities, debt instruments and gold. We have a minimum and maximum allocation for every asset class and ETF to ensure proper diversity. The ETFs that we select are low cost and also have adequate liquidity for easy buying and selling.

Who should invest in the DalalStreetBulls ETF Portfolio?
  • Investors who want a portfolio diversified across different asset classes
  • Investors looking for a passive strategy where they wouldn't have to actively track stocks
  • Investors who can stay invested for 3+ years ideally (there is no exit load) 
All Weather ETF Portfolio Smallcase

At DalalStreetBulls, we decide on the allocation to each asset class based on multiple parameters - both technical and fundamental. The portfolio is re-balanced every quarter to ensure that the portfolio is not exposed to a single asset class over our thresholds.

For us, capital protection and capital appreciation go hand in hand. The DalalStreetBulls ETF portfolio aims to limit the downside in bear markets and capture the upside in bull markets to generate alpha over the average market returns - Raghav Behani (Founder, DalalStreetBulls)

The ETF portfolio might not show the highest returns in a bull market. But over multiple market cycles, investors will benefit from a portfolio that has low volatility. Which portfolio gives higher returns?
  • Portfolio A - Goes up 40% in year 1 and falls 30% in year 2
  • Portfolio B - Goes up 15% in year 1 and falls 12% in year 2
The answer is portfolio B. Infact, portfolio A actually delivered negative returns. This example was simply to highlight why it is important to reduce drawdowns.

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