Portfolio Performance

These charts shows the performance of our portfolio from 2017. The chart is updated real-time and reflects the performance including dividends against the Total Returns Index as given on NSE's website. We strive to be the most transparent equity research and advisory firm and sharing the real-time performance of our portfolio is one step towards that goal.

What are we recommending to new members?

We are only recommending those stocks on which we are still bullish at current price. Old recommendations which are trading above their fair value range are not recommended for new members. However, old members still continue to hold old recommendations as they got them at much lower levels.

The portfolio allocation for new members looks like this:

We are only recommending 9 of our existing stocks to new members. The balance funds are parked in bond funds (liquid category) which yield 6.5% p.a. to 7% p.a. The allocation will increase steadily over a few months after the member starts.

Do we recommend Large Caps, Mid Caps or Small Caps?

While we are agnostic of the market capitalisation of a company, our allocation to each small cap is less than 3% each and for each mid cap and large cap, the allocation can go as high as 12% of the portfolio.

If a company performs as per our expectations, it's market cap and liquidity increases and the valuations support then we increase the allocation. Rarely do we assign a 10% - 12% allocation at one go.

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