Advisory Services

We provide BUY side research reports to investors. Our research reports are detailed and free of jargon.
SEBI (Research Analyst) Registration Number: INH200004471.

Charges: Rs. 4,999 for 10 reports

Recommended Minimum Investment: Rs 10,000 per stock OR Rs 1 Lakh Lumpsum

  • Only new recommendations will be counted. If we have any previous recommendation that still has potential to give good returns, we will share the report. However, previous reports will not be counted in your 10 reports.
  • Each report will be counted only if the stock goes up by atleast 25% from the report day's closing price. 
  • This is to give investors the confidence that we will not give reports just to increase the count.
  • We usually will come out with 1 report every 2-3 months. 
  • We will provide you with proper entry and exit strategies. Even if your subscription is over, we will send you an EXIT alert for a stock that you purchased on our advice.
  • The reports will be sent to you by Email. Alerts for the same will be sent by SMS. 
  • We mostly recommend companies with a market capitalization of > Rs 300 Crores.
We do not have annual advisory plans anymore because there have been periods where we didn't find any stocks to recommend because of market conditions and it was not fair on an investors part if they received just 3 to 5 reports in their subscription year.

Payment Details

UPI ID: raghav.behani@oksbi

Bank Account: If UPI isn't possible, you can transfer the amount to the below mentioned account.

Name: Raghav Behani
A/C Number: 66021517297
IFSC: SBIN0060427
Branch: State Bank of India, Paradise Circle

As per SEBI regulations, we can only accept fees via direct bank transfer and not through payment gateways.

KYC Requirements
Once you have transferred the amount, please drop an email to:
We will share a short risk profiling form to complete your KYC.

Requirements for availing our Equity Research services:
  1. Have adequate insurance
  2. Have mutual fund investments or SIPs
  3. Have emergency funds (any amount - can be in FD/Liquid Funds/ Cash)
We want our investors to have a well diversified and balanced portfolio. We had earlier noticed that few investors were reckless and invested their entire earnings in stocks directly. This is not the best way to invest in equities. We recommend you read our 3 Point Advisory Checklist. This is for your own financial well-being.

Apart from the 10 stock reports, you can expect a quarterly investor communication from us. In case of a rapid fall / rise in stock price we will send a communication as soon as possible. The reports will be sent to you by Email. Alerts for the same will be sent by SMS.

We will provide all support via email. You can expect a response in 24-48 hours. We do not provide telephonic support at this moment. We do not review existing portfolios.

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