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5th January, 2015 and ahead: Stocks to watch


Arvind is trading near a strong resistance level and the last candle seems to have rejected the level. The coming sessions could see the price 270/265 levels. Stoploss needs to be put at 290. Entry to be decided as per position sizing.


Cenetenka must be on your radars for a BUY on a close above 170 levels. As shown on the daily charts, the stock is near a medium term resistance. Above 170, the stock could be heading towards 186 levels atleast.


Havells is consolidating after a strong downfall. On the daily charts, recent price action suggests that the price could rally to 295+ levels if 279 breaks. Intraday traders can go long above 279 with a stoploss of 273.5 and hold for 290/296 levels.


A break above 38.5 can see IFCI rally to 40.5 levels. Traders can follow the above levels with stoploss of 37.5

Infosys is trading near a strong resistance zone. The stock could be heading down to 1920 levels if 2020 is not taken out on a closing basis. Above 2020, the stock could rally to 2050/2120 levels.

Mahindra and Mahindra
Mahindra and Mahindra has fallen to a strong support zone and gives a good positional trade opportunity with low risk, high reward. Traders can go long near 1220 with a closing base stoploss of 1200 and target of 1260/1285 levels.

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Above charts are for educational purposes only. Please trade based on your own research.
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