Stock Picks

25th September, 2014 and Ahead: Breakout Stocks

i) Arrow Textiles

Arrow Textiles
Arrow Textiles has seen strong accumulation off late and the stock has given a nice pop and close above it's 12.25 resistance zone. The stock can head higher towards 15/18/22 levels from here. Try to buy on a dip near 12.5-12.75 zone with a stop loss at 10.5.

ii) DS Kulkarni
DS Kulkarni (Monthly)
DS Kulkarni (Daily)
DS Kulkrani has given a strong breakout on the daily and monthly charts. The stock could be heading towards price targets of 140-150 in a few months. One can BUY with SL at 75 for the above targets.

iii) Allahabad Bank
Allahabad Bank has a price target of 102 after breaking it's crucial support level of 112. Currently trading at 110.25 levels, short near 111.5-112 levels with stop loss of 114.2, TGT: 106/104/102
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