DalalStreetBulls: Portfolio Picks

We are pleased to announce a new addition to our website.. "Portfolio Picks".
This is an investments related section and suitable for investors who aim at building their portfolios with medium to long term picks. By saying medium term, we refer to a 6 months - 2 years period. By saying long term, we refer to period above 2 years.

For any investment, the key apart from selection is patience. Here are a few guidelines if you decide to follow our investment picks:

i) The ideal amount to be invested in any of our investment ideas is 5%-10% of your portfolio value.
ii) There won't be any stop loss or target decided before hand, so you will have to hold the stocks patiently.
iii) DalalStreetBulls uses fundamental analysis which involves studying the financials, projecting earnings and other economic factors which may or may not be accurate. No investment idea given is to be understood as a sure-shot idea.
iv) DalalStreetBulls or the authors of the blog are not liable for any losses incurred by the action of investing in the ideas recommended here.
v) This blog is a free service by which we aim to share our analysis and work with the masses while growing our knowledge base. We may or may not have a position in our investment ideas.
vi) Consult your investment advisor (or) portfolio manager before taking any decision on our investment ideas.
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