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10th Feb and Ahead: Stocks to Watch

We had advised Voltas on our facebook page. "BUY Voltas at CMP 123.5, SL: 121, TGT: 128"

Aurobindo Pharma - Hourly Chart
Post results, Aurobindo had slipped around 10% after creating a high of 540 and then on the hourly chart, the stock made a bottom by creating a Bullish Engulfing pattern and breaking the falling trendline resistance at around 480 levels and the stock closed at 503 levels on 11th Feb, 2014. BUY at 503 levels with SL at 495 for targets of 515/530/540++
Update: SL Triggered.

The Indian Hotels - Daily Chart
Indian Hotels has given a good breakout with a 5-6 times increase in volume. BUY the stock at 60 with SL at 57.5 for a target of 63/66+

We had advised a BUY at 363-364 levels on our facebook page on 11th Feb, 2014 during market hours. The stock closed at 368 levels on 11th Feb, 2014.
"The stock has given a good breakout above the 353 resistance level with a rise in volumes. A BUY can be initiated in the stock at current price of 363-364 with SL as 353 on Closing basis for short term traders for higher targets of 383+. Positional traders can BUY and hold for few weeks with SL at 340 for 400+ levels. Please take care of your risk appetite before initiating any positions."
Bharat Forge - Daily Chart

A2Z Maintenance Daily Chart
A2Z is creating a flag pattern and on a close above 11.5, the stock can move upto 12.45/14 levels. Maintain an SL of 11 on closing basis if a trade is taken.

Ambuja Cement
Ambuja Cement saw a H&S formation on the daily charts, broke the neckline and perfectly completed the pattern by hitting it's target of 150. The stock has risen up sharply by 8%-9% since then and the volumes have gone up too. A major hurdle for the stock is at 166 levels. If the stock breaks above 166, it could move upto 175-178 levels. Above 178, the stock could move upto a stiff resistance at 185 levels.
BUY above 167, SL: 164, TGT: 175.

Unitech (Hourly)
On the hourly charts, Unitech is forming a tight range with 12.8 as a very strong resistance zone. Once Unitech breaks above 12.8, it can fire up to 14.2-14.3 levels. BUY above 12.8, SL: 12.4, TGT: 13.3/14.3
Update: Unitech has broken the resistance of 12.8 and made a high of 12.9 and closed at 12.8. The low was 12.6.

Tata Motors (Hourly)
On the hourly charts, Tata Motors is forming an inverse H&S pattern. BUY  above 363, SL: 360.5, TGT: 367/369
UPDATE: Tata Motors opened at 364.4 and hit our 1st Target of 367, created a low of 360.45 and rose back to 363 levels on close. Target of 369 hit.

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