Stock Picks


Any dips if they come now days, are eaten up by FIIs and their heavy buying across the index. Market is close to new highs and even now FIIs are buying heavily. This shows that as of now there is no weakness in the market. Now going forward, we still see bullishness and advice any SHORTING OF NIFTY. Buy on dips with 25-40 points SL and keep riding. That is the only way to profit in a BULL MARKET. The human emotion us expects the markets to fall after rising so much. But it's not our emotions which is running the show, we only have an oppurtunity to ride up the wave. Shorting might seem very profitable and just 1 10-15 point SL seems less risky. But this is how slowly all profits dry up. And eventually, losses enter. Trade well. BUY ON DIPS. Avoid overnight positions if you are very emotional and scared.

To earn, ride up the trend. Money is flowing in.

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